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OPD Appointment : , 0250-2505211, 7498705125/26

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General Medicine

Prevention, Diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases are called General Medicine. Under Dr. Sonawane’s management, Sankalp hospital & ICCU has been able to hire some great doctors who are very specific in their treatment and always puts the need of the patient ahead of everything. This approach along with decades of experience has put Sankalp hospital among one of the leading healthcare institutes in the region.


Sankalp hospital & ICCU’s Cardiology unit is one of the best in the region. We have been saving many lives since decades with the help of Top-notch surgeons and high quality diagnostic equipment’s, which combines together to bring out great outcome for our patients.

Right from diagnosis to surgery is done under one roof.


Our Diabetology Unit is the best in the entire Vasai-Virar region. Our team of professionals specialize in treating and diagnosing diabetes and various other metabolic dysfunctions associated with it.

Skin Care

Our Skin clinic houses some of the best doctors in the region and provides solutions for all types of dermatology and hair related solutions for their clients. Laser treatment, hair removal, Skin tightening etc. are some of the treatments that we provide at our center.


Obesity is a very complex condition which occurs due to accumulation of excessive fats in the body. It increases the risk of various other critical illness related to Heart, Blood pressure, Diabetes etc. At Sankalp Hospital, we do a thorough diagnosis and help our patients escape Obesity.


Physiotherapy is a treatment which is useful in maintaining and restoring the health of a patient. Thorough physical examination along with proper diagnosis and intervention is very important in order to maintain mobility and functional well-being of a patient.

Sankalp hospital & ICCU provides a balanced and well equipped physiotherapy treatment with the help of experienced professionals and state of the art equipments.


At Sankalp Hospital & ICCU , we provide one of the best Neuropathy treatments. Our experienced doctors have been finding the right nerve that is either damaged or dysfunctional with the help of proper tests and providing the best treatments to our patients since ages.


Increased Stress, Workload, Poor Lifestyle choices are on the rise and with it there is a rise in mental health as well. Sankalp Hospital’ & ICCU’s psychiatrists understand the need of each patient and provide proper care along with diagnosis and prognosis so that they are on the right path to recovery.